wonderful people

wow tumblr is really getting to me and stressing me out I don’t want to be wasting this much time anymore but I can’t even imagine deleting because it took me 50 trillion years to get like 2 followers I dunno plus I luv pictures

Maybe I’l get someone to change my password this week because I’m getting really scared about my anatomy and physics grades

also I feel like a disgusting person and lazy and I guess I’m not if I recount everything I do every day I dunno but today just doesn’t feel good overall

  -  27 March 2012




wow the thought of getting breast implants is so painful like I really know nothing about the procedure do they put it above your natural glands and fat and how does it fit and omg why am I even thinking about this? I can’t stop visualizing it and I am literally having chest pain just at the thought of putting that under my skin owwww

  -  27 March 2012

Commiserating with another woman about how we feel about our bodies is the kind of thing that we do every day, often without even thinking. It’s become polite, or expected—it’s just what you do. We can complain about our thighs, our dress size, our weight, or our diets to women we barely even know, but by virtue of the fact that we’re female, we know we’ll share the same feelings. It’s become such a commonplace that it can be unsettling to meet a woman who doesn’t feel the same way (how often have you or someone you know joked about “hating” another woman because she seems confident and comfortable with herself?). The problem is that we don’t often take a moment to think about how damaging this practice is. In accepting poor body image as a means through which we can bond and forge relationships, we’re acknowledging that it’s not important for us to make an effort to feel any better. It may be the status quo for us to feel badly about ourselves, but that doesn’t mean it’s right, and it doesn’t mean we should seek out relationships and experiences that enable us to perpetuate our feeling that way. Emilie Littlehales (Creating Bonds Around Self-Love Instead of Negative Self Talk)
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omg this is the episode where shego turns good and leaves drakken for a while

and for the whole episode he cant get the jar of pickles opened without her